Putting Your Music on iTunes When You Don’t Have a Mac

Now that TEMPTATION is up on Bandcamp and Reverbnation, I really want to put TEMPTATION up on iTunes.

I thought it would be super easy, but then I learned on the iTunes info page that in order to put my music up on iTunes, I need to have a Mac.

I don’t have a Mac, but fortunately, it’s still possible to get my music on iTunes. iTunes provides a list of aggregators that non-mac owners can use in order to get their music on iTunes. You need to pay these aggregators, but they will reformat your tunes so they are “iTunes appropriate” 🙂

In order to determine which aggregator best meets my needs, I went through each option. I have listed the main points about each aggregator below. If you’re an independent musician, I hope this will help you in making your decision about which aggregator to use 🙂


CD Baby


 The Orchard

  • Doesn’t work with independent artists 😦


So that’s the overview of options for aggregators. I was happy to learn that all of the aggregators offer the option of distributing your music on more places than just iTunes.

I’m still determining which aggregator best suits what I’m looking for. (My goal is to share my music with the world!)

Hopefully I’ll have made a decision by next week’s post 😉