Coventry Carol

I’ve been busy practicing for my show at Tuvalu Coffee House next weekend! (You can check out the details for this show here.) In addition to practicing for my show, I have also been practicing Christmas songs! 🙂

This week, I posted a cover of the “Coventry Carol” on my YouTube Channel.

You might wonder why I chose to cover the “Coventry Carol”, as opposed to a more modern Christmas song. Well, one of the reasons is Copyright. Some people like to post covers on YouTube of Copyrighted songs, without getting the Copyright holder’s permission. However, in order to avoid Copyright infringement, I prefer to post songs that I have received permission to post or songs that are in the Public Domain.

I found this great website, called the Public Domain Information Project. There, I found a list of Christmas songs that are in the Public Domain.

The reason I chose the “Coventry Carol” from this list is because I think it’s an extremely beautiful song. I remember hearing it for the first time in high school choir. I learned the song for my high school’s Madrigal Feast, but I actually haven’t heard the song since then.

I hope you enjoy my version of it 🙂

This December, I am trying something new. My goal is to post a Christmas song every week until Christmas. 🙂

1 song down, 4 to go! 😛